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Radio Show - Meet Our Hosts


Dr Jewel Pookrum

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Dr T. Owens Moore

T. Owens Moore, Ph.D. is trained as a Physiological Psychologist.  He is a graduate of Lincoln University in PA, and he has a M.S. and a Ph.D. from Howard University.  For the past seventeen years, he has served as a college professor, a biomedical researcher and an African-centered scholar/activist.  He is a distinguished educator who appreciates interdisciplinary studies.  Currently, he is an Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Psychology at Clark Atlanta University.  His specialty courses are both Neuroscience and African-Centered Psychology.  He is actively involved in the Departments of Psychology, Biology and Africana and Women’s Studies.  In addition, he is a co-founding member of the Neuroscience Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, and he is a member of the National Science Foundation funded Center for Behavioral Neuroscience.  Dr. Moore conducts research on the effects of hormones and neuropeptides on social behavior in rodents, and he also studies learning paradigms that can be utilized to enhance the educational performance of students.  He has written numerous scientific articles, and he is the author of five books such as The Science of Melanin and Dark Matters-Dark Secrets.  His most recent publication is titled Clue Seeker: A Journey Back Through Time to Search for an Identity (2008).


Maurice Thompson

Maurice Thompson is a photographer, graphic designer, hip hop and spoken word artist, born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Inspired by the arts, sciences and subjects of spiritual development at an early age, Maurice has dedicated much of his life to utilizing art to communicate the inherent truths to the divine aspect of humanity. Currently Maurice is focusing on the science of frequency, illustrating the detailed connection between frequency of sound, light and the construction of reality. Under the pen name of "Mighty Moe Betta", Maurice is a talented recording artist, and is presently completing his second album, A Beautiful View, regarding the use of the brain to consciously create one's life experience.


Sharon Cole

Sharon Cole is a registered nurse, who worked for 25 years in a surgical critical care unit as a bedside nurse specializing in recovering post open heart surgical patients. Though excelling in her environment, she always felt unfulfilled as a caregiver being unable to offer patients a more holistic approach to reclaiming their health and avoiding surgery.

After joining the Dr. Jewels balancing program in 2011 and balancing her brain Sharon became more conflicted with the type of care she was able to provide her patients and decided to leave the bedside to find a way to give huemanity a more wholistic approach to regaining health and wellness.

Armed with knowledge, a balanced brain and a willingness to share and help her hueman family Sharon came forward to offer what life as a nurse and a mother has taught her.