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Dr. Jewel Pookrum, MD, PhD, MFSThe JEWEL Network (TJN) is a radio station dedicated to broadcasting the sciences of life and living, throughout the 21st Century and BEYOND! Founded by Dr. Jewel Pookrum, M.D, Ph.D, MFS, TJN provides a solid base of scientific information to the public, assisting HUEmanityTM in its journey through this exciting and swiftly changing time. Your cultivation of the "Mind of The Scientist" within you will help open the doors to the very best life has to offer!

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J.E.W.E.L - Justifiably Enchanted With Enlightened Living

The JEWEL Network is the home to some of the most prolific, forward thinking minds in the world of science.  Here, you can learn a wide range of subjects - including:

  • neurobiology & brain development

  • immunology & health

  • astronomy & solar biology

  • technology & free energy

  • subtle anatomy

  • metaphysics

  • psychoacoustics

and much more from world renowned minds on the subjects!

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We strongly recommend DR. JEWEL'S BALANCING PROGRAM (DJBP), for everyone interested in developing themselves to their fullest potential.  Begin re-engineering your nervous system and activating more of the dormant areas of your brain than ever before! A balanced brain will assist you in creating the life you desire and unlock your highest potentials!

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Preparedness In Our Times Audio Series!!!

Revisit one of our favorite programs in TJN's broadcasting history, Preparedness In Our Times, hosted by preparedness specialist Steven Knopp! Steven provides a vast assortment of information to enable you to safely navigate any natural or manmade situation! Preparedness In Our Times covers such topics as essential skills, physical Health and wellness, safety plans and tools for short and long term use, common sense and collective efforts, and Much MORE!

Visit our TJN E-Store and get your copy of Preparedness In Our Times NOW!


Dr. Jewel's Latest Book "Straight From the Heart" is a Must Read!

SFTH-Titleis a must-have for the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit. The knowledge of the proper maintenance of the blood is the key to health and vitality and immortality, according to Dr. Jewel. You will learn information that will assist you in improving the quality of living and allowing your body to come into it's natural state of perfection.

Straight From The Heart by Dr. Jewel Pookrum

To be a joyful and efficient individual in the 21st century will require each member of our society to become aware and enlightened about the relationship between the anatomy of our body and its effects in our environment...

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, describes in basic, clear, scientific humor, how we evolved to become the present divine force, responsible for creating the reality we call our life. --Dr. Jewel

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